Many of today’s new principals carry with them, few years of teaching and educational experience prior to entering the world of administration. Due to Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and forces of accountability by federal laws and state assessments and nationwide retirement of principals, new principals have become extremely overwhelmed with all the demands of running an effective and safe school.

ECC has developed a practical in-depth approach in mentoring principals new to the field of administration. School districts are establishing mentoring programs to address these concerns and ECC has developed an approach that allows for greater analysis and profiling in all areas associated with principal’s responsibilities.

Our program is structured in the following areas: School Safety, Student Achievement, Teacher and Staff Evaluation, Instructional Scheme, Communication, School Culture, Facilities, Budget, Politics and Self Analysis.

Extensive time is spent observing the everyday functions and interactions of the principal, dialogue, staff reviews, parent reviews, student reviews, culture check, safety procedures and facilities, assessment orientation, evaluation procedures and tenor, instructional schemes, and self analysis protocol. A complete and comprehensive analysis is provided in oral and written terms.

ECC customizes to every district’s philosophy and provides the assistance and support from the best educators in the nation. Please contact us for further description of program.