In order to pursue an Arizona Superintendent Certificate, Master’s Degree is required. Please refer to the Arizona Department of Education for all requirements. It is suggested to contact the department of education regarding coursework already completed that may qualify towards certification.

Thirty-six graduate semester hours of educational administration courses, including a practicum as a superintendent, from an accredited institution applies towards partial fulfillment of the Arizona Superintendent Certificate.

ECC offers a cadre of educational administration coursework that can be applied towards this certificate. Please refer to the Arizona Principal Certificate section.

All courses are three-credits with a total tuition rate of $675.00* per course. Three-credit practicum courses are $895.00.

Course Descriptions

EDZU 9401 The Superintendent

The course focuses upon the superintendence’s role as leader in a K-12 school District. Problem and laboratory approaches will be applied to administrative activities in District settings. Process of leadership, student achievement, state and standardized assessments, conflict management, district budget, decision-making problem solving, district goal targeting, written and oral communication, special education, technology, school law, crisis management and group dynamics will be practiced and explored. Public relations with parents, communities and businesses will be covered. Evaluation of self and district personnel will be reviewed.

EDZU 9402 Practicum for Superintendent

The course focuses on supervised field practice (practicum) for K-12 superintendents. The practicum is designed to provide the student with the working experience of the duties and responsibilities of the K-12 superintendent. Observations, hands-on experiences and applications of administrative superintendent will be practiced. Participation in actual situations, in cooperation with various educational organizations, is required. The practicum will require a minimum of 240 clock hours.